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Department of Rehabilitation Science

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Concerning the rehabilitation of persons with acute, sub-acute or chronic diseases or disorders and prevention of lesions or disorders through physical activity, the mission of the Department of Rehabilitation Science is threefold:

1. to conduct scientific reserach

2. to provide education

3. to offer or facilitate scientific or clinical services.


Several components of human movement are examined: exercise physiology, biomechanics and neurmotor control in particular. 'Homo movens' is also examined from a psychological, sociological and ethical point of view. Research in the different fields is performed in all age cohorts and with respect to the different components of the 'International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health' (ICF): disorder, disability and participation problems.


Research centers:

Research centre for musculoskeletal rehabilitation

Research centre for neuromotor, paediatric and pelvic rehabilitation

Research centre for cardiovascular and respiratory rehabilitation

Research centre for adapted physical activity and psychomotor therapy